What is Reflex Football?

Reflex Football (RFB for short) is a 7-on-7 hybrid football sport that combines rules from contact football, flag football, and 7-on-7s to create the ultimate non-tackle football sport. 

What is Rfb Pro?

RFB Pro is a highly-competitive, amateur, men’s reflex football league hosted officially by Reflex Football every summer in Atlanta, GA. 112 of the best amateur football athletes are chosen and distributed among 8 teams to compete in an epic, summer-long season of RFB. 

RFB Pro X marks the 10th official season of RFB Pro, and will take place at North Cobb High School (Kennesaw, GA), beginning June 2nd. RFB Pro X will feature all games on turf, fitted RFB Pro uniforms by The White Football, Gamefilm by Upward Now, and more.

Read more about our upcomming “Pro X” season.