The Mission:

Reflex Football Designs Products And Experiences To Promote Fitness, Creativity, And Entrepreneurship To Communities Around The World.

The apparel originally launched in 2017, and was established in order to serve as a complimentary piece to the RFB brand. In the few following years, the merchandise managed to make a name for itself throughout the city of Atlanta, GA (where the brand was founded), and has emerged as one of the hottest, up and coming brands in sportswear and fashion.


The Vision

Daniel (Fondu) Nwandu, Founder/Commissioner of Reflex Football, LLC

"There's so much passion behind the work our team puts in, as well as the support we get from our league. In a few years, our brand has managed to evolve beyond a flag football league, and has set it sights on becoming one of the most innovative sports brands in the global market. Our brand is, and has always been, grounded by family values...We want to continue to create healthier, more creative and purpose-driven communities all throughout the world."

- Daniel Nwandu, Founder of Reflex Football, LLC