RFB Merch is the official premium sportswear brand of Reflex Football, LLC (aka RFB). Reflex Football is a new hybrid 7-on-7 football sport that combines the rules of tackle football, 7-on-7s, and flag football to create the ultimate version of competitive, non-tackle football. The RFB brand is committed to promoting health, creativity, and entrepreneurship in communities around the world.



Redefining The Game

The foundation of RFB's reputation stems from the official league that the brand owns and operates known as RFB Pro. The league takes place once a year in Atlanta, Georgia, and recruits amateur football athletes from within the state to compete in tryouts, all for the opportunity to be be drafted onto one of the eight RFB Pro teams. Each RFB Pro team franchise features it's own team culture, uniform, web page, and social media. The league takes pride in hosting "the best flag football experience on the planet", and aims to expand and become one of the great sport leagues and brands.


The RFB Merch Mission:


The apparel originally launched in 2017, and was established in order to serve as a complimentary piece to the RFB brand. Two years later and the merchandise has already managed to make a name for itself throughout the city of Atlanta, GA (where the brand was founded), and has emerged as one of the hottest, up and coming brands in sportswear and fashion. What's all the more impressive is how all of this happened prior to the online store ever launching. The hype and support for RFB was built purely through determination, hustle, and word of mouth. Now, with the store officially launched, RFB Merch is finally available to the public and ready to bless closets all around the world.


The Vision

Daniel (Fondu) Nwandu, Founder/Commissioner of Reflex Football, LLC

"It's overwhelming...I'm beyond thankful and grateful, to everyone who has lent a hand in guiding the creative direction of RFB Merch, as well as in shaping and strengthening the vision for the RFB brand, overall. There's just so much passion behind what we are doing, and what we're trying to achieve. Our brand is bigger than flag football, it's about community, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and shaping the future of tomorrow to create a better, healthier world. I've only wanted to do right by the people that represent this brand. All to ensure that anyone showing support of this league, by rocking the merchandise - rocking THE BRAND...that when you wear our merch, you will look and feel as amazing as your supportive heart beats."

- Daniel Nwandu (aka Fondu), Founder of Reflex Football, LLC